Probably no capability defines steel fabrication like press brake bending and forming. No matter what range of skills a fabricating company has, press brake bending and forming is the real test of its ability to put the pressure on.  One of the oldest and most fundamental metal fabricating techniques, press brake bending and forming bends metal by forming it along a straight axis. Computer-controlled press brake forming and bending machines use pressures of as much as 400 tons to create desired shapes. Press brake forming and bending is suitable for materials such as aluminum, brass, stainless steel and carbon steel. While simple in concept and function, precision bending with press brake forming and bending machines is a complex interplay among the work material, the machine and its tooling.   Such subtleties-and the necessity to understand and master them-are why not all steel fabricators are equal. One essential fact bears repeating once again: There is simply no substitute for experience.