Depend on Summit Metals for sheet laser cutting. Fast, economical and precise.

Summit Metals employs both sheet lasers cutting as precise alternatives to traditional mechanical cutting.  Laser cutting uses a focused beam of high-energy laser light to cut various types of materials. Industrial lasers have become a mainstay in manufacturing and are used in cutting flat sheets. Highly versatile and precise, laser cutters are capable of complex cutting operations. The laser cutting beam is normally 0.2 mm in diameter at the surface of the cut and has a power up to 4,000 watts. Lasers are ideal cutting tools for carbon steel or stainless steels.

In addition to being versatile enough to cut a broad variety of metal and non-metal materials, laser cutting highly accurate, can maintain high cutting speeds and uses narrow kerf widths. Remaining a cut above the competition depends on the accuracy and precision of one's cutting tools. Once again Summit Metals is leading while others are struggling to keep even. By investing in precise laser cutting-for sheet material-the company is improving its ability to help customers cut costs and improve efficiency.